John Hattie, Visible Learning & Beyond

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In 2009, John Hattie published his landmark book Visible Learning: A Synthesis of Over 800 Meta-Analyses Relating to Achievement. He soon became known as the go-to-guru for all things education. But what does it all mean for classroom teachers and school leaders? The answer, quite a lot – but you need to be careful.   … Read more

Hattie & His High Impact Strategies for Teachers

In his book, Hattie synthesised over 500,000+ studies related to student achievement. This expansive synthesis concluded that: Teachers can make a difference even in challenging circumstances Most teaching practices have some degree of positive impact on learning Some teaching practices have far more impact than others Some factors and practices have a negative impact on … Read more

Plain Old Good Teaching

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There are a lot of elaborate theories and vogue words that try to describe what good teaching entails. Sadly, some of them have little, if any grounding in evidence at all. Others do, but they are difficult to carry out and their effects are small. A teacher has limited time, and this makes your time a valuable commodity. When you choose … Read more

8 Strategies Robert Marzano & John Hattie Agree On

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Robert Marzano and John Hattie have both reviewed the research on which teaching strategies work best. While they used different methods and terminology, they agreed on these 8 powerful strategies. 1. A Clear Focus Hattie states that lesson goals: Should clarify what you want your students to learn Can focus on surface or deep learning (or both) Must be … Read more

The Value of Student Feedback Infographic

Do you want to help your students do better at school? If so, try giving your students some effective feedback about their work. Feedback is a high impact teaching strategy. Learn more in this student feedback infographic. If you give your students quality feedback, they will achieve better results. Yet: Too many students say they … Read more