Growth Mindset Explained

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Most teachers have heard about the growth mindset. It became a phenomenon in 2006 when Carol Dweck released her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Yet, not everyone is clear about what a growth mindset means and whether it is worth your time. This article will explain what the growth mindset is and isn’t. … Read more

False Growth Mindset Explained

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In her updated book, Carol Dweck urges people to be wary of unintentionally nurturing a false growth mindset rather than the real thing. More specifically, Carol expresses her concern about 2 distinct but interrelated things – a misunderstanding about: What a growth mindset is How to nurture a growth mindset What is a growth mindset? … Read more

Mindset by Carol Dweck: A Critical Review

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What is a Growth Mindset? In a nutshell, a growth mindset is a belief that intelligence and other abilities are malleable. Put another way, intelligence is like a muscle that can be increased with effort over time. Fixed Mindset The growth mindset is quite different to a fixed mindset, which is a belief that abilities … Read more