3 Reasons Why More Reading Won’t Build Kid’s Vocabulary

Research shows that enriching students’ vocabulary improves their reading comprehension. This is especially the case when: You teach challenging words contained in a text Students then read the text with those targeted words I surveyed 300 teachers about how they help students to improve their vocabulary. 248 teachers responded with how they help students improve their vocabulary. … Read more

The I Do WE Do YOU Do Model Explained

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The I Do – We Do – You Do model involves you in following a series of steps starting with you leading instruction and finishing with students working independently. In the I Do stage, you explain what students need to understand or model how to do a process. Then, in the We Do stage, you … Read more

8 Strategies Robert Marzano & John Hattie Agree On

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Robert Marzano and John Hattie have both reviewed the research on which teaching strategies work best. While they used different methods and terminology, they agreed on these 8 powerful strategies. 1. A Clear Focus Hattie states that lesson goals: Should clarify what you want your students to learn Can focus on surface or deep learning (or both) Must be … Read more

The Value of Student Feedback Infographic

Do you want to help your students do better at school? If so, try giving your students some effective feedback about their work. Feedback is a high impact teaching strategy. Learn more in this student feedback infographic. If you give your students quality feedback, they will achieve better results. Yet: Too many students say they … Read more

Direct Instruction vs Whole Language

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To answer this question, you must understand the core aspects of both approaches. A Quick Definition of Whole Language & Direct Instruction Whole Language In whole language, students learn words, letters, sounds and skills within a meaningful context. Direct Instruction Teachers who use Direct Instruction explicitly teach specific knowledge and skills before guiding students to apply them within … Read more