Growth Mindset Explained

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Most teachers have heard about the growth mindset. It became a phenomenon in 2006 when Carol Dweck released her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Yet, not everyone is clear about what a growth mindset means and whether it is worth your time. This article will explain what the growth mindset is and isn’t. … Read more

False Growth Mindset Explained

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In her updated book, Carol Dweck urges people to be wary of unintentionally nurturing a false growth mindset rather than the real thing. More specifically, Carol expresses her concern about 2 distinct but interrelated things – a misunderstanding about: What a growth mindset is How to nurture a growth mindset What is a growth mindset? … Read more

4 Menacing Misconceptions in Reading Instruction

misconceptions in reading holding students back

Being able to read is critical to success in later life, while illiteracy is often a pathway to unnecessary hurdles and issues in life. Therefore, teaching children to read is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, many dedicated teachers have been misled by menacing misconceptions about reading instruction. In this article, you will discover more about 4 … Read more