Teaching for Conceptual Change: Fractions

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Teaching fractions is critical. Yet, students often struggle to master the concept of fractions. You can help these students by using the conceptual change process.  Mastery of fractions is one of the strongest predictors of success in high-school mathematics and helps in areas such as algebra. Therefore, it is vital that your students understand fractions.   Common Errors Errors occur at the surface level. Common errors include: Adding (or subtracting) … Read more

Homework: How to Make It All Worthwhile

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Homework is the bane of many people’s lives. Teachers hate setting it, let alone marking it Students hate doing it Parents hate ensuring it done (and trying to work out what it is that the teacher really wants) So why do we bother? Let’s have a look.   Homework or No Homework Most schools require teachers … Read more

Plain Old Good Teaching

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There are a lot of elaborate theories and vogue words that try to describe what good teaching entails. Sadly, some of them have little, if any grounding in evidence at all. Others do, but they are difficult to carry out and their effects are small. A teacher has limited time, and this makes your time a valuable commodity. When you choose … Read more